Meet Aimee

“A Dignity Rwandan Woman”

It was dignity that inspires Aimee Josephine UTUZA to become who she is now. A Rwandan active woman, married with 5 kids. She is a public health masters’ holder and she is working in Rwanda with a project named Training Support Access Model in Maternal Newborn and Child Health as senior project manager.

Aimee Josephine has been very conscience and sensitive woman motivated by creating local organization with the aim to directly contribute to bring the solution to the existing health, psychosocial and economical system and resolve problems in community. She has first created Living with Happiness-Icyemezo and then Rwandan Mothers-TEAM, local non-government organizations and a company called “Power of Vision” all 3 institutions to work together support health and well-being of Rwandan population, as she has always enjoyed working with families.

Aimee Josephine is now 41 years old and has dream to continue her studies by doing a PHD in research philosophy which will help her build capacity and do her work with evidence based researches. She is motivated to work on “Parenting education program” in future. She has also another dream to write a book on her personal story to show that “it’s always possible in life do the best even if life doesn’t always offer to us what we wish”. The best things Aimee Josephine wishes is “Living happy” and bring/procure happiness and smile to others every day.

Rwanda is a country full of rich history, culture and tradition. It is also a country that has experienced tragedy, strife, and struggle in its course towards development. In 1994, Rwanda endured one of the most horrific tragedies in human history: a genocide that caused the slaughter of more than a million people. At age 18, Aimee and her 11-year-old sister survived the genocide, but they lost their parents and 4 other siblings. The result of the genocide was to leave the country ravaged, with families destroyed, and many girls and women growing up without a mother figure in their lives.


Through this tragedy, however, has grown hope, a rejuvenation of life and culture, and this has created a positive impact on the lives of women and families in Rwanda. In 2011, Aimee created her first charitable organization, Living with Happiness – Icyemezo, choosing this name to reflect her personal experience and belief that everyone aspires to be happy… to experience deep happiness.

Living with Happiness – Icyemezo aims to promote community mental health, social integration, entrepreneurship and environmental and economic development, and to eliminate all forms of violence and discrimination against women. This is done through events and activities that promote community mental health and loving and respectful family relationships, and inspire youth to create a vision for their future.


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